Firm Profile


How We Started

Our company was founded by R. Christian Schmitt in 1986 as a predominately residential firm.  However, over our 30+ year history, the firm has evolved to include a large, diverse portfolio.  James Walker joined the firm in 1993, was named a partner in 2000 and became acting President in 2012.  As of August 2015, the firm name  changed to better reflect our identity.


While the firm continues to progress, the one constant is our dedication to quality and creative design.  The evidence is in our long history of awards and recognition.


Who We Are

We are a 30+ year-old firm of creative, detail-oriented architects passionate about innovative design solutions appropriate to context, logistics, economy, aesthetics and the client’s needs.


Our best projects are also the most challenging.  Restrictive sites, tightly managed budgets and complex building types require outside the box designs that function and are attractive today and for years to come.


How We Work

As a design based architecture firm, we work in a collaborative manner.  We believe the best designs never occur in a vacuum.  By allowing every team member to have a voice, we pull from each person's strengths.


All day-to-day operations of a project are typically assigned to one person, but our President and other team members are always actively involved.


Who We Work With

Historic context, intense design and zoning review boards, historic and preservation societies, neighborhood committees, and difficult site restraints make designing in Charleston challenging.  When appropriate, our firm teams with other architects to provide special expertise, design experience and local representation.


What We Design

  • Lodging, Apartments, Condos
  • Office, Retail, Entertainment
  • Renovation, Additions, Upfits
  • Amenities, Clubhouses, Equestrian, Fitness
  • Schools, Athletic Facilities, Parks
  • Single Family, Speculative, Affordable Housing


Services We Provide

Planning / Programming / Schematic Design / Design Development / Construction Drawings / Specifications / Bidding & Negotiation Assistance / Contract Administration / Renderings / Models / Animation / LEED certification / Consulting / Collaboration